Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm going to post more later, but I do need to clarify a few things:

1) The number of times I called her for clarification was ONE. Yes, one is a number, but it hardly counts as pestering. (ETA: I also emailed her once or twice, but not every day. Sheesh! I'm her mother, and I love her. She should call more often...)

2) As for the toilet paper thingy, may I remind my loving taskmistress who it was who taught me the wonders of Stumbleupon? So there!

3) Yes, the maker of the curtains and the dolls is quite a talented young lady. I need curtains for the office and the dining room, please. My birthday's in two weeks. *grin*

4) That 'dust bunny' under the bed has CLAWS. You were indeed lucky to escape with your life.

5) It's true. I do need a new toilet. I found one I like on the internets...

That's it for now. Today Ally and I are going to sort the wool I brought home. Anything she can't use is going to the thrift shop TODAY. Also on the list for today is the dining room, including the poor fish, who WILL NOT end up in the toilet.

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